About Chef Quidenay:
After completing his studies at Intra-Uterine University, Chef Quidenay began his career in the field of filtration chemistry. His outstanding talent was soon noticed and was called upon to serve on the Red Blood Cell Attrition Committee, a responsibility he attended to for many years. However the pinnacle of his achievements involved ground-breaking techniques for the stabilization of phosphorus and potassium levels in the blood stream, and was honored with several awards including the prestigious Nephron Prize.

He served with peerless hard work and dedication, but it is Georges Quidenay's endearing modesty that won him the body's heart. Eventually he was offered a generous severance package leading to his early retirement and subsequent replacement by a machine.

Yet, Georges Quidenay could not rest his body or his mind - he was not the type of organ content to stretch on pool chairs and sip cocktails on endless cruises. For him, liquids exist to be filtered, not sailed upon. With his vast experience and understanding of biological systems, he was burdened with the knowledge that the machine that replaced him could never deliver the quality service that distinguished his illustrious career.

After many sleepless nights, Mr. Quidenay vowed to apply himself to assist this machine in the only capacity opened to him; the external control of phosphorus and potassium inputs. Collaborating with the body's taste buds and organ of volition (the brain), he set out on a new journey as Chef Quidenay, creating novel combinations of food fuels to make up with the machine's shortcomings, and continue to contribute to the health of the organism he serves.