kidney transplant name generator
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array( "Lemon Juicer", "Chili Bean", "Leaky Faucet", "Mr Plummer", "Lil' Leaker", "Lemonade stand", "Chablis Winery", "Yuri Nary", "Pee Nut", "Bladder Filler", "Golden Brita Filter", "Weeping Eggplant", "Guest of My Loins" ), "glamour" => array( "Beanie the Kid", "Frances Bean", "Kid Charisse", "Vanity Organ", "Kidney Poitier", "My Internal Life Coach", "My Personal Assistant", "Nicole Kidney", "The ONE", "New Kidney On The Block" ), "cute" => array( "Miss Kiki", "Beanie Baby", "Citronette", "Hope", "Joy Fully", "Miss Plum", "My BFF", "Human Bean", "Purple Mango", "Jiggly Jewel", "Fred Bean", "Squidney", "Cherry Jelly Bean", "Something Borrowed" ), "sporty" => array( "Billy The Kid", "Evel Kidnievel", "Kidney Crosby", "Graft Dunk", "The Organ Trophy", "The Boss", "New Filter", "Pinch Urinator", "Gold Medalist", "The Rookie", "Expansion Team", "Middle Reliever", "Liquidator II", "New Recruit", "Gatorade Tank", "Third Baseman" ), "geeky" => array( "Dr Nephron", "Dr Phil McGraft", "Hirum Hilum", "Match Dot Com", "Professor Grafton", "V 2.0", "Super Nephronite", "Nephroman", "Human Patchwork", "Urinax", "Symbiont", "Nephron Star", "Immune Escapee", "Emperor Glomerulus", "The Freak", "Yuri Gagarin" ), "punny" => array( "Abdul Minal Kafty", "Elvis Kidney", "Mister Kidman", "Kidnapped", "Kidney Dangerfield", "Morgan Doner", "Phil Treshon", "Rodney The Kid", "Ronald Plexus", "Fern Bodie", "Sidney", "Yuri Naritrak" ), "silly" => array( "Mr Bean", "BRB (big red bean)_", "BYOK (bring your own kidney)", "Monsieur Rognons", "Hobo Organ", "Baked Bean", "Body Traveller", "Super Soaker", "The hitchhiker", "Partial Immigrant", "Renal BandAid", "Number three" ), "literary" => array( "Frankenstein", "Kidney Lumet", "Alien", "Robinson Kidnoe", "Anna Kidnenina", "Moby Kidney", "Catcher in the Pee", "Lord of the Graft", "Kidneyberry Finn", "The Third Musketeer", "To pee or not to pee", "Rein Tin Tin", "Lemony Snicket", "Uriah Heep", "My Precious" )); if(isset($_POST['type'])){ $type = $_POST['type']; $name = $answers[$type][rand(0,sizeof($answers[$type])-1)]; echo "Your new kidney is called: {$name}

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