Your Renal Dietitian:
Your renal dietitian is your guide to better health and comfort. Based on blood analysis and other factors, a diet will be built for you. Every renal patient is different. You cannot "borrow" the recommendations made to another patient and apply them to yourself. Even your own renal diet is likely to change over time, to reflect changes in your condition.

Heightened Compliance:
Because the renal diet is complex and is not easily boiled down to a few, easy-to-remember principles, renal dietitians often find that their clients struggle with compliance.

Another reason for spotty compliance is that the recipes offered are actually not all that low in phosphorus and leave very little room for error, or the occasional indulgence. Aside from his meat dishes, the Renal Diet Chef's recipes are very low in phosphorus and potassium.

The variety of ingredients utilized in most compendiums of renal-friendly recipes complicates shopping, new-habit forming, and can lead to an accumulation or even waste of unused products. Renal Diet Chef uses a restrained palette of ingredients at its core. This makes shopping easy by having some ingredients always on hand, and for which a multitude of recipes are available. Everything about the Renal Diet Chef is to facilitate compliance.

Further, the Renal Diet Chef makes liberal use of egg whites, a rare ingredient that is high in protein, yet very low in both phosphorus and potassium.

Renal Diet Chef also assists with a shopping list, recipes listed by ingredients, facilitating a change in eating habits as well as pantry management. Remember to always listen to your dietitian's recommendations.